August 04, 2004

Kerry on the Offense?

I found this from The New Republic:

"ENEMY TERRITORY: Nobody gave John Kerry and John Edwards the finger until Ohio. The 25-vehicle caravan that has shut down highways across Pennsylvania and part of West Virginia since leaving Boston early Friday morning has been greeted with large, thunderous crowds, and very often, sign-waving Kerry-Edwards fans who line the route or gesture excitedly from highway overpasses. But along the trail from Zanesville to Bowling Green, Ohio something triggered a significant outburst of rude gestures along Interstate 77. First it was just the four young men jumping up and down outside a stopped minivan and making the thumbs down sign. But soon whole carloads of Ohioans were giving our buses the bird. In one SUV careening down the highway in the opposite direction, four extended middle fingers could be seen sticking out of the windows. At other stops, rallies have attracted energetic protesters waving signs like "Pro-life for hamsters but not for babies" and "Hanoi John."

These signs of aggression happen to be very good news for Kerry. They are evidence of the fact that the Democrats are playing on Bush's turf. In the days following the convention, Kerry plunged deep into red territory, stopping in counties that Bush won by wide margins and hitting notes aimed squarely at moderates, cultural conservatives and disaffected Republicans. Meanwhile, Bush, who campaigned in the same states as Kerry over the weekend, seems to be playing defense, still making a pitch aimed to his base and trying to push back Kerry's enemy incursion."

There's more in this entry that suggests that the Rove strategy of rallying the base might not be working.

But anyone could have told him that. Bush has to be the President of the United States not Focus on the Family.

Well, if he loses he can always be president of Colorado Springs...

Posted by Dennis at August 4, 2004 12:10 AM
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