TTT & ROTK, What does Pete J have to say?

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As we get closer and closer to the release of the Two Towers special edition and closer to Return of the King, I'm getting pumped up more and more. I can't wait. I loved the special edition of FOTR and the teaser stuff from TTT looks just as good. This added to all the rumors around what ROTK will be like is making me what to glue on my elf ears and go wait in line (for those that don't know me, that's a joke... I always dress as a dwarf).

I'm seeing stuff on the net that says ROTK will be the best in the series. There is a lot of talk about what will be in it and what will be left out that has me equally excited. Peter Jackson and crew have done such a good job with the DVDs that I'm not concerned with what they will edit. I know that the DVDs will have the most complete story, so part of me even wants them to cut out things if they think it will make the theatrical a better experience. I really want ROTK to take home the big prize this year (the Oscar for best picture for you non-movie types).

Any way, if you haven't read Peter's own comments on Ain't It Cool you ought to check it out. He doesn't reveal much, but does straighten out some of the editing rumors. Here it is, but it may take a while, AICN is so slow, you would think they could afford better servers.

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