TV Land "Friends" stunt

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Found something else blog worthy (at least in my opinion) on Studio Briefing. Seems that TV Land is pulling a stunt the day of the Friends finale. I think the stunt will work overall, but I'm not sure about the blackout part. I plan on tivo'n some of the classic episodes with the Friends cast. I really liked the TV version of Ferris Bueller... but I was young and stupid then.


The cable network TV Land will pay tribute to NBC's Friends on the day of the final episode by preempting its regular programming and airing six sitcom episodes featuring the cast "before they were 'Friends,'" in the words of the cable net's announcement. However, during the time that the season finale actually airs on NBC, TV Land plans to go dark. "I know it sounds crazy, but we don't believe we are rolling over and letting them win," TV Land boss Larry W. Jones told today's (Tuesday) Philadelphia Inquirer. "The reality is, our viewers are their viewers." The six "classic shows" -- to air before and after the blackout -- include: Cheers (with Lisa Kudrow), Family Ties (Courteney Cox), Ferris Bueller (the 1990 sitcom with Jennifer Aniston), The Wonder Years (David Schwimmer), Just the 10 of Us (Matt LeBlanc) and Who's the Boss? (Matthew Perry).

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